Nation-wide PhD workshop funded by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation), 2014

Co-Investigator and Co-Organizer: Franziska Stöhr

Presentations at a PhD forum left the organizers with an epiphany: loops and circular pattersn offered a common ground to otherwise disjoint research projects in trauma studies, video art, in economics and dance studies. Formally, aesthetically and even politically, the loopis a structural link between a range of phenomena as diverse as repetition compulsions or models of circular evonomy. Driven by a shared desire to develop innovative forms of interdisciplinary research, art historian Franziska Stöhr and Katharina Donn (literature studies) organized a workshop to which they invited PhD students across all disciplines. In project groups, pairings of dacne students collaborated with mathematicians to find new common grounds in each other’s work, while psychologists related the impact of repetitive behavioural patterns to the work of video artists. Invited speakers  Prof. Michael Jungert and artist Michaela Mélian contributed thier experience and additional theoretical impulses to our shared practice.