Universität Augsburg, 2017

This seminar provokes conventional assumptions about modern and postmodern literature of modernity, which are often denounced as obscure, alienated from lived experience, and elitist. We focus on non-fictional prose texts, a marginalized genre in literary research, which offers a key insight: Authors ranging from W.E.B. DuBois to Ly Hejinian experiment with the relation between literary and metaphoric language, and conceptual critique. They create texts balancing on the borderlines between poetry and political praxis. This poetics-as-practice has parallels in French Symbolism, as well as in the “thought image” tradition of the Frankfurt School, and develops modes of reading, wriitng and thinking against and beyond the ideological complicity of language.

We disucss, therefore, how language and textual form can be political in their own right.

At the same time, this seminar offers insights  into the work of key authors of the 20th century, focusing on US-American literature, but opening up a transatlantic network of relations that includes French and German texts.

Introductory Reading:

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Primary Reading – Excerpts from:

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